Puja Donations and Prayer Requests

The nuns, monks and students of Chenrezig Institute perform regular prayers and pujas for the benefit of all beings. They are carried out by members of the monastic and lay communities in careful accordance with tradition. Each month we offer:

Guru Puja celebrates the kindness of our teachers and the richness of the Buddhist path. This puja is considered to bring about general good fortune.

Tara Puja an energising practice that provides protection from fears and dangers, and brings success to projects as well as increasing physical and emotional wellbeing.

Medicine Buddha Puja a powerful healing practice for physical and mental ailments, usually done in order to benefit those who are sick or recently deceased.

Dzambhala Puja considered to bring about spiritual and material abundance.

Shakyamuni Buddha Puja is celebrated on holy days, and considered to remove obstacles and create conducive conditions for spiritual practice.

Fire Pujas are also celebrated each month on an auspicious day. They are a precious opportunity for the community to come together to reflect on any harmful actions of body, speech and mind, and to putify them.

Protector Prayers are made daily to protect from harm and remove obstacles.

Prayer and Puja Dedications

You can request prayers or pujas for dedication to yourself, friends or relatives who may be ill, who have died, who need help to overcome difficulties or obstacles, or to create auspicious circumstances.

Prayers are completed daily by our community, while pujas are offered on specific days in the Tibetan lunar calendar. If you sponsor a puja, it will be carried out on the next scheduled date.

You may like to send us a picture of your friend or relative, together with the reason why practices are being requested. These are read out during the practice.

By making a donation, a tangible connection is established between the person who is in need of prayers and those who are reciting the prayers on their behalf.

Your donations contribute to the cost of the offerings made at each ceremony including flowers, lights, saffron, tea, incense and food. When someone passes away, we say prayers for 49 days following the death and make feast (tsog) offerings on their behalf.

You may choose to offer as much as you are inspired and able to.

Note: Please complete billing details with accurate name and address details AS THEY APPEAR ON YOUR ACCOUNT before proceeding with payment.

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