Meditation or bhavana in Sanskrit and gom in Tibetan means ‘to cultivate’ and ‘to familiarise’ respectively. Just as an agriculturalist cultivates their fields to produce crops, likewise, in meditation we cultivate the mind in qualities of tranquility, stability and clarity. We also familiarise our being with the virtues of compassion and loving kindness. Additionally, and most importantly, meditation is a time to familiarise one’s mind with reality ‘as it is’, rather than habitually following the way things appear to be.

Friday Guided Meditations
Meditation Practice Days
Introduction to Mindfulness 

The benefits of meditation

Through meditation, you learn about the nature of your mind rather than the sense world of desire and attachment. Why is this important? We think that worldly things are very useful, but the enjoyment they bring is minimal and transient. Meditation, on the other hand, has so much more to offer – joy, understanding, higher communication and control. Control here does not mean that you are controlled by somebody else, but rather by your own understanding knowledge-wisdom, which is a totally peaceful and joyful experience. Thus, meditation is very useful.

Lama Yeshe

Friday Guided Meditations

Friday afternoons, 1.15pm – 1.45pm with Chenrezig Sangha

In the Gompa. (Although the regular meditations are not sent out online, we do provide a  Guided Meditation Playlist for people to use at home.)

If meditation is something you’ve always wanted to try, this is a gentle and supportive environment in which to start and all are welcome, experienced or not.

Settle gently into your chair or on a cushion and be guided into a beautiful Buddhist meditation which will take around half an hour, but will seem much shorter. Leave here feeling peaceful and more familiar with yourself.

No bookings required. By donation. Your kindness means we can continue to offer our program for the benefit of all.

Meditation Practice Days

One-day courses often held in the Well Being Centre

Meditation is the ideal practice for a busy life, creating a strong and stable base of calm and relaxation that we can return to whenever we are feeling stressed or overwhelmed. When feeling stronger and calmer, we have the undistracted focus to be of greater benefit to ourselves and others. Jhampa will gently support your developing practice by leading you through a range of meditations and by explaining their importance on the Buddhist path

Full weekend meditation workshops and longer retreats are also offered.

Introduction to Mindfulness

Full weekend course

The practice of mindfulness is grounded in the Buddha’s teachings, so this simple yet profound practice can lead us directly into the heart of the Buddha’s wisdom. In this way, we may come to see that mindfulness can take us far beyond what we may have thought possible.