Why are we interested in a spiritual life and, in particular, the study of Buddhism?

His Holiness the Dalai Lama says that an interest in spiritual life is … something very instinctive and there is no need to prove it is there. Happiness is something that we all aspire to achieve and, of course, we naturally have a right to fulfill this aspiration.

If you’re new to Buddhism, find out more about us and what we do by joining our weekly guided tour of the centre and grounds. We hold courses that introduce people to Buddhist thought as well as various method of meditation, cafe talks and guided meditations. You will find a warm welcome here and a gentle approach, the guiding principle being to take from Buddhism what you need to help you in your life. Everyone is welcome!


Approaching Buddhism
Buddhism in a Nutshell
Introduction to Buddhism
Introduction to Mindfulness
Guided Meditations

Guided Tours of Chenrezig Institute

Let’s have a chat about death

approaching buddhism

An introductory course involving inspiring and transformative elements of the ongoing FPMT programs offered at Chenrezig Institute. 

 As Buddhism continues its cultural transition from traditional Buddhist countries, there seems to be a conversation happening about what has worked well in that transition and what we can do differently to improve our experience as students and to continue the amazing work that has been done to introduce Buddhism to us.

Some of that conversation is happening here at Chenrezig Institute, and out of those conversations between students and the program office this course, Approaching Buddhism, has emerged. It is a course written and presented by Chenrezig Institute students, for Chenrezig Institute students, a course that builds upon and hopefully adds something to the existing FPMT programs offered by Chenrezig Institute.

At our centre we are fortunate to have a variety of senior students who have studied in our program intensively and who have the skills to be able to share the results of that study with us. The material presented will draw from the whole range of FPMT courses presented here at Chenrezig Institute and is intended to act as an introduction to those programs, a primer for Buddhist mind training techniques in general, and a framework for those who wish to continue to study here.

To that end, the topics covered trace a line from mind to perfect human rebirth to the qualities of a student then through study, meditation, and contemplation to understanding the role of doubt and correct reasons in our contemplation. Then we see how doubt fits in the progression of the seven types of awareness and how that progression leads to valid awareness. We look at the obstacle that is pride then the role of the practice of rejoicing and we end with a liberated mind, our potential fulfilled. Quite a ride.

Buddhism in a nutshell

Buddhism in a Nutshell is an FPMT introductory course that provides an overview of Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and practice. It is excellent for people encountering Buddhism for the first time, as well as for people who have heard or read some Buddhist teachings but would like a more structured approach to understanding the path to enlightenment as taught by Shakyamuni Buddha.

Introduction to Buddhism

What motivated the Buddha to teach? What exactly did the Buddha have to say that had never been said before?

In these Introduction to Buddhism afternoons, Ben Isbel will guide students to examine the unique hallmarks of Buddha’s teachings: the Four Seals, the Four Noble Truths, the Two Truths. He will show how these teachings lead to a single goal, like a hundred rivers that pass under a single bridge. The goal is the elimination of suffering.

This overview of Tibetan Buddhist concepts and practice is ideal for complete beginners. It is also suitable for those who have read some Buddhist teachings, but want to explore more deeply the path to enlightenment, as taught by Shakyamuni Buddha.

Introduction to Mindfulness

The practice of mindfulness is grounded in the Buddha’s teachings, so this simple yet profound practice can lead us directly into the heart of the Buddha’s wisdom. In this way, we may come to see that mindfulness can take us far beyond what we may have thought possible.

Guided Meditations

Friday afternoons, 1.15pm – 1.45pm with Chenrezig Sangha

If meditation is something you’ve always wanted to try, this a gentle and supportive environment in which to start and all are welcome, experienced or not.

Settle gently into your chair or on a cushion and be guided into a beautiful Buddhist meditation which will take around half an hour, but will seem much shorter. Leave here feeling peaceful and more familiar with yourself.

No bookings required. By donation. Your generosity means we can continue to offer our program for the benefit of all.

Guided Tours of Chenrezig Institute

Come along to our popular free Saturday Guided Tours. If you haven’t been here before, we are a little slice of Tibet in the Eudlo hills.

Tours start at reception at 10.45am on various Saturday mornings throughout the month and last for about an hour. Numbers are limited so we request that you register to attend. Search for the date you would like in our online calendar here

Take in the developing Nalanda Masters Garden, consecrated in 2020 by Lama Zopa Rinpoche. Admire Tibetan sacred art and artefacts, prayer wheels, and step inside the heart of our centre, the gompa (temple).  If there’s time, you’ll head down to the Garden of Enlightenment. Find out about our interesting history and much more, as Chenrezig Sangha or students show you around this magnificent space.

Bring friends and family along for this enjoyable introduction. We hope this will give you an appetite to spend longer here on the day, or to return in the future.

You may like to arrive earlier and enjoy coffee or traditional home-made chai and cake in the Big Love Café. Our Dharma shop is open for a browse too.

Remember to book lunch online 24 hours ahead if you’d like to stay on for a wholesome meal, served between 12.00 noon and 1.00pm.

Our site has numerous steps and steep inclines, so come prepared with good footwear.

Let’s Have a Chat about Death

Venerable Pende

These meaningful monthly talks always draw a group of interested people to Chenrezig. You may be in the process of caring for someone with a terminal diagnosis, or have a loved one approaching death. You may be dealing with the recent loss of someone close. You may be in one of the caring professions or have an enquiring mind about death from the Buddhist perspective.

Whatever your reason for coming, you’ll be made welcome and be cared for by Venerable Pende, a senior monk who has extensive experience working with the dying and their families. He established both Karuna Hospice in Brisbane and Cittamani Hospice in Palmwoods. Venerable Pende has taught widely on death and dying, both in Australia and overseas.

No charge, but we welcome donations if this is possible.