Chenrezig Garden of Englightenment

Welcome to the Garden of Enlightenment
and the Memorial Garden

The Garden of Enlightenment is a unique memorial garden ideally suited for quiet reflection, remembrance and meditation. It is a beautiful resting place for the ashes of a loved one, which may be placed in a stupa or niche according to your specific wishes. It is also possible to sponsor a stupa to acknowledge the kindness of others.

If you wish to organise a stupa, or another memorial for your loved one such as a commemorative tile, you can find more information in the downloadable brochure, or you’re most welcome to contact us directly to talk more about how we can help.


The landscaped gardens and main building house hundreds of memorial stupas and plaques, set against the tranquil backdrop of Buddhist prayer wheels, statues of the Buddha, meandering pathways, shady nooks, water features and exotic plants. The eight large stupas on the roof of the main building depict the great deeds of the Buddha’s life, and are a memorable sight at any hour of the day, whether catching the first light of dawn or falling into late afternoon shadow.

Garden of Enlightenment Chenrezig
Garden of Enlightenment Chenrezig
Garden of Enlightenment Chenrezig
HH Dalia Lama & Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Image: H.H. Dalia Lama & Lama Zopa Rinpoche


Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s inspiring vision to see a Garden of Enlightenment created at Chenrezig was the one motivating factor  which kept a large volunteer workforce engaged in the project for over 15 years. The eight stupas on the roof of the main building were completed just in time for His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s historic visit to the centre in 2011, where he gave teachings to 4000 people.

We want to offer everyone the opportunity to be a part of this continuing project, so merit may be created by the making or sponsoring of holy objects. Our wish is to develop the Garden of Enlightenment into an even more beautiful and tranquil environment to serve generations to come.

The benefits of stupas

Stupas are powerful symbols of the mind’s limitless potential, representing the Buddha’s mind of enlightenment, with the different levels of a stupa symbolising the many stages on the path to that goal.

The creation of a holy object and the dedication of that object to someone who has passed is one way to ensure they receive a favourable rebirth. The loved one who initiates the making of the holy object also receives merit. Ultimately, a stupa provides an opportunity for those who’ve passed to create the causes for enlightenment. 

Stupas can be a powerful source of healing and help make our minds more positive. Just seeing a stupa can plant the seed that awakens our minds to the Buddha’s teachings. Therefore, stupas make the lives of all living beings more meaningful: those who make, those who dedicate and those who see.

…the benefit we get each time we see a statue of
Buddha, a picture of Buddha or a stupa is like the limitless
sky. It causes us to achieve all the realisations from guru
devotion up to enlightenment and to achieve all the
numberless qualities of the Buddha’s holy body, speech and

Lama Zopa Rinpoche


Visitors are most welcome to explore the gardens, which are a ten minute walk from the main car park or reception. Aged or disabled visitors may drive down to the gardens.

Other visitors may be visiting a loved one’s stupa, so please be aware of  the garden’s main purpose. Please take responsibility for children. We ask that you dress modestly as this is a monastic community. Thank you for not smoking. We encourage you to take photographs. 


We always welcome volunteers, particularly gardeners or those who’d like to help maintain the artwork on the stupas, which is an ongoing task.

To find out how you can be of assistance: