Be an Arm of Chenrezig

1000 Armed Chenrezig

“You can help to preserve the Dharma, the teachings of Buddha.

All the happiness of sentient beings comes from that.”

Lama Zopa Rinpoche

For almost fifty years, Chenrezig Institute has been a special place for Dharma teachings, practice, and retreat – a peaceful refuge open to all. For our Dharma program to continue securely into the future, we must ensure that our Geshe, his interpreter, and the spiritual program staff who support them, are cared for appropriately.

We invite you to help to provide this essential support by becoming a Dharma Benefactor – an Arm of Chenrezig!

We will have a separate fund solely designated for the support of the Dharma program, meaning that our other income streams can be used to maintain and develop the physical infrastructure of the centre.

To enable you to support our Dharma program in a way that is most comfortable for you, we offer five levels of Dharma Benefactors, and you may pay monthly, quarterly or annually.

In appreciation, all our dharma benefactors of all levels will be invited to an annual tea party with our resident Geshe and sangha, and will receive free library membership and a 10% discount in the Chenrezig shop and Art Studio shop.

The names of all our dharma benefactors will be included in the daily dedications and prayers conducted by Chenrezig Institute sangha members.

The five levels are:

Please use the forms below to set up regular contributions using either PayPal or your own credit/debit card. Move your mouse over the individual payment options to choose your preferred level of contribution (or in the case of a phone, click on the payment you intend to pay and it will confirm what kind of payment you are making).

If you have trouble doing this, please contact and we’ll help you set up an alternative payment method.

If you have any queries, please contact