Chenrezig Institute Code of Conduct

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Code of Conduct

All workers, residents and guests at Chenrezig Institute are required to maintain ethical behaviour that is in accordance with the teachings of the Buddha and that is considered appropriate for a Buddhist Centre.

Workers, residents, and guests must endeavour to maintain the following standards of behaviour, while on Chenrezig Institute property.

  • To abstain from intentionally killing any living being
  • To abstain from stealing (taking that which is not freely given)
  • To abstain from lying
  • To abstain from sexual misconduct
  • To abstain from using intoxicants
  • To refrain from smoking on the Hill area
  • To refrain from playing music, singing, or dancing with abandon on the Hill area
  • To refrain from all sexual contact while on the Hill area
  • To dress modestly whilst in public areas on the Hill, such as in the Gompa and the café, in accordance with the monastic environment (Avoid short skirts/shorts, singlets, brief tops and see-through clothing)
  • To engage in respectful speech and actions towards all Sangha, guests, residents, and staff
  • To avoid harmful speech, such as slander, gossip, arguing, or complaining in the public areas of Chenrezig Institute
  • To behave in a way that is mindful of the Chenrezig Institute values of compassion, respect harmony and spiritual focus

Workers, residents and guests whose behaviour is not in accordance with the Chenrezig Institute code of Conduct will be issued with up to three verbal and written warnings, however, extreme or serious breaches will result in immediate eviction from the property. Code of Conduct Agreement:

I,_______________________________________________ have read and understand the above Chenrezig Institute Code of Conduct, and hereby agree to adhere to this Code to the best of my ability.

Signed_____________________________________.   Date__________________________

Witnessed by______________________(for Chenrezig Institute)     Date__________

# Document revised 9/3/21